Shinjuku City’s Measures


Shinjuku City has various countermeasures to protect the lives and possessions of its residents in the event of disasters including a major earthquake.

Shinjuku Municipal Disaster Prevention Center

The center was established in Ichigayanakano-cho in 1996, as a facility that has the ability to back-up the City Office Building Disaster Information Support System in the event that it becomes inoperable.
On normal days, the center serves as a clearinghouse for disaster prevention awareness.

Disaster prevention awareness

Preparation of Wireless Emergency Alert System

Shinjuku City issues disaster information over loud speakers installed in 102 places within the city.
Municipal elementary and junior high schools, municipal facilities, police stations, and fire stations collect and issue disaster information using the system.

Weather Information E-mail System

You can receive disaster prevention weather information by e-mail on your cell phone,

Placement of fire extinguishers

There are 3900 fire extinguishers set throughout the city.

Evacuation Site and Evacuation Area

Municipal elementary/junior high schools are designated as evacuation sites.
These are locations for evacuation and temporary accommodation if your house is destroyed due to a disaster.
Large parks and public squares are designated as evacuation areas so that you can protect yourself from fires when a major earthquake strikes.

Storage of food and daily living supplies

There are storehouses in Evacuation Sits and municipal storages, where food (crackers, Alpha rice, powdered mild, etc.) and necessary daily living supplies are stored in the case of a disaster.
There is a water tank with an automatic shut-off valve at each Evacuation Site, Yodobashi Water Supply Center, Tsurumaki-Minami Park and Hyakunincho Fureai Park.
A supply of water for daily living is secured by agreed-upon use of city wells, private wells and swimming pools of municipal elementary/junior high schools.

Disaster preparedness in high-and medium-rise apartment buildings

The city distributes “Disaster Preparedness Manual for High-and Medium-Rise Apartments” and dispatches disaster-preparedness advisers to the residents of the apartments as well.

Installing stabilizing devices for free

The city has a program to subsidize the cost of installing stabilizing devices for the residents with prior investigation.
The cost of the devices is charged.

Coordinating services for disaster prevention goods

The city offers coordinating services for disaster prevention goods.

Furniture falling prevention equipment, emergency supplies, emergency food/beverages

How to apply(Japanese)
Catalogs are available at Branch Offices, the Security Affairs Division, and the Municipal Disaster Prevention Center.
Please apply directly with the designated dealers listed in the catalog.