Quake-Resistance Examination and Reinforcing Quake-Resistance


In the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, many of the buildings constructed before 1981 when quake-proof standards were changed collapsed.
These buildings should be inspected for seismic resistance.
If the examination concludes that your house is not quake-resistant, please strengthen pillars, walls, the structures, etc.

The city subsidizes citizens for quake-resistance examinations and quake-resistance upgrading work.

Fasten TV sets and refrigerators

Fasten TV sets and refrigerators画像
Remember to secure appliances (TV, refrigerator, etc.) as well as pianos.
Check your appliances’ stability and implement the appropriate measures.
It is a good idea to inquire to the manufacturer for the exclusively used anti-toppling devices.

Reinforcing block walls

Please have your block walls examined because they may be too old or may not contain reinforced steel.
Reinforce the wall if necessary.
The city subsidizes citizens who use planting fences as a replacement for block walls facing roads and who remove the block walls for this purpose.
The city subsidizes citizens to remove block walls with no further conditions applicable.

Reinforcing cliffs

If you are the owner of a cliff, please check the cliff to avoid an earthquake form triggering a landslide there.

The city subsidizes citizens to reinforce cliffs.