Hold a Family Meeting / Evacuation of Pets


Hold a family meeting

Divide responsibilities between family members prior to an earthquake striking.
You should also designate a meeting place and method to confirm each other’s safety in case your family is not together at that time.

Prepare an emergency backpack and decide where to keep it.

Confirm your evacuation site and evacuation area, and walk through the route in advance.
Decide the place where your family will meet if the members are separated due to work, school, or other reasons when a disaster occurs.
It would be reassuring if you make the meeting place specific, such as near the public lavatory or the clock tower at a park.

It is a good idea to make your emergency information card and keep it with you at all times.

Emergency Information Card

We never know when a disaster such as an earthquake will occur.
Make your emergency information card and take it with you in case of emergency.
It is a good idea to keep this card with you at all times.
On the card, please write illness (es) you have been treated for, medicine(s) you are using and allergies you have.
Emergency Information Card画像

Disaster preparedness for your pet

The city will offer a first-aid station for pets at evacuation sites.
Have an animal emergency kit ready.
That kit should include a leash, a harness, a carrier as well as bottled water, pet food, litter, a small litter box, and medication, if necessary.

If your pet gets hurt, you need to take it to an animal hospital.
It is a good idea to have a pet home doctor, and your friends/relatives you can leave your pet with temporarily as well.