Useful First Aid Skills


If you find an injured person, give first-aid treatment immediately.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

If you see someone who has collapsed

Tap the victim on the shoulder while talking to him/her to see if he/she is responsive.
If there is no response, ask people nearby to call 119 and to bring an AED (automated external defibrillator), and check to see if he/she is breathing.
(Observe the victim for approximately ten seconds, checking the movement of the chest and stomach to determine.)

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

If the victim is not breathing normally, administer 30 rapid chest compressions.
(Compress the middle of the chest.)
After performing the chest compressions, secure a passage for breath and give 2 breaths of artificial respiration.
Repeat the cycle of 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths of artificial respiration.

If there is any danger of becoming infected with a contagious illness because of blood or vomit, do not perform artificial respiration, but continue to give chest compressions.

First-aid for burns

First-aid for burns画像
The burn should be put in clean water as soon as possible and cooled for more than 15 minutes.
If the person is wearing clothes over the burn, do not remove, and cool over the clothes.
Take care not to break blisters.

First-aid for cuts

First-aid for cuts画像
Rinse the cut and place a piece of gauze over it.

Stop bleeding

Stop bleeding画像
Press the cut with a thick gauze or cloth.
If blood is bursting out, press hard on the artery closest to the cut and the heart using your fingers.

First-aid for fractures

First-aid for fractures画像
Remove the person’s shoes and cut the cloth around his/her broken limb.
Place splints (magazines, cardboard or boards) around the broken bone to make the limb firm.
It is best to keep the injured person lying down.
The Tokyo Fire Department conducts First Aid Training Courses.
Those who attend the courses will receive a certificate.
For more information, please visit the Tokyo Fire Department website,