Cooperating in Extinguishing Flames and Rescue Activities


If it is safe for you to do so, check the safety of your neighbors and cooperate in rescue and relief activities.

Confirm the safety of your neighborhood

Check your neighbors (seniors living alone, those with disabilities) are safe.
Neighbors should cooperate in rescuing and providing relief to people who have been trapped under collapsed houses or furniture.
Check to see if there are fire, gas leakage and short circuit.
If there is an obstacle on the road, remove it with your neighbors to ensure the smooth passage of emergency vehicles.

When there is a fire in the neighborhood

If you discover a fire, and it is still small, use a fire extinguisher, a portable fire pump or standpipes to put it out.
But in conducting such activities, remember that your safety comes first.
If the situation seems dangerous, stop trying to extinguish the fire and evacuate the area.

Participation in Citizen’s Disaster Response Team

The City Office, the police, and the Fire Department may not be able to undertake disaster response activities immediately just after a major disaster occurs.
The aim of this organization is to respond to disasters effectively under the principle of neighbors cooperating with each other to protect their community.
This collaborative organization is based on the unit of community or neighborhood associations.
It is a good idea to participate in your community’s disaster response activities to be constantly prepared.