When an Earthquake Strikes - If You are at Home-


It is important to be prepared at all times. Confirm the safest place in the house. When an earthquake strikes, please remain calm and take the following action.

First, protect yourself

When you first notice a tremor, move to a safer place, such as the hallway or get under a solid table or desk and hold on to the table legs firmly, cover your head with a futon or cushion.

After the tremor is over, check to see if there are any flames

Close the main gas valve and unplug electrical appliances. (Stay where you are until the shaking stops.)

[1] After the tremor is over, check to see if there are any flames.
[2] If a fire breaks out, act calmly and put it out.

Gas meter reset procedure

If you can’t use any gas appliances and the red lamp of the gas meter is blinking, the safety function of the gas meter worked. Please try the following procedure.
[1] Turn off all gas appliances. Both indoors and outdoors.

[2] Remove the cap of the reset button.

[3] Firmly, push the reset button all the way in and release slowly. A red lamp lights up and starts blinking again.

[4] Replace the cap and wait 3 minutes without using any gas appliance. (It is confirming there are no gas leaks.)

  After the red lamp stops blinking, you are ready to use your gas appliances again.

Do not rush outside in a panic

Do not rush outside in a panic画像
Do not rush outside in a panic. Open a door or window to secure an exit.
If there is a risk your residence may collapse, evacuate protecting yourself from falling objects.

Be careful to prevent injuries

Keep slippers or shoes in a designated place so they are available to prevent stepping on pieces of glass near the windows.

Secure furniture and light fixtures with braces so that they will not topple over or fall down. Prevent glass from shattering.
Be careful to prevent injuries画像

Gather correct information

Gather correct information画像
Don’t be misled by false rumors. It is best to obtain reliable information from trustworthy sources such as TV, radio, or the Internet. Listen for information announced by the Shinjuku City Office, the Fire Department, or Police Department.