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A Tour of the Seven Lucky Gods

In Japan, it is believed that seven gods called, “Shichi Fukujin (Seven Lucky Gods),” bring good luck. It is said that if you make a pilgrimage to the temples and shrines where these gods are enshrined, or if you place under your pillow a picture of a “takara-bune” boat with the seven lucky gods on board on New Year’s Day, your “hatsu-yume” (first dream) of the year will be good and you will have a happy year.
The temples and shrines in Shinjuku City where these lucky gods are enshrined, are called “Shinjuku Yamanote Shichi Fukujin (the Seven Lucky Gods of Shinjuku Yamanote).” Why not step out to these locations between January 1 and 7 when it is said to be the best time to make such a pilgrimage? These temples and shrines offer participants painted images of the seven lucky gods and box-shaped “takara-bune” boats (for a fee). Visiting these seven locations and collecting memorabilia of the seven lucky gods is something you can look forward to doing during the New Year.
1. Taiso-ji Temple (Hotei-son = God of Family, Peace and Protection from Illness and Disaster) 2-9-2 Shinjuku Tel: 03-3356-7731
2. Hozen-ji Temple (Jurojin = God of Long Life and Protection from Illness) 6-20-16 Shinjuku Tel: 03-3351-4080
3. Itsukushima Jinja Shrine  (Benzaiten = God of Music, Arts and Speech) 8-5 Yochomachi Tel: 03-3351-5875
4. Eifuku-ji Temple (Fukurokuju = God of Health, Happiness and Long Life) 7-11-2 Shinjuku Tel: 03-3203-8910
5. Kyo’oh-ji Temple (Daikokuten = God of Grain Harvest and Wealth) 1-14 Haramachi Tel: 03-3341-1314
6. Zenkoku-ji Temple  (Bishamonten = God of Protection from Disaster and Evil) 5-36 Kagurazaka  Tel: 03-3269-0641
7. Inari Kio Jinja Shrine
(Ebisu-jin = God of Prosperous Business)
2-17-5 Kabukicho
Tel: 03-3200-2904

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