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Employment and Status of Residence

Public Employment Security Offices (Hello Work)
Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners
Shinjuku Employment Assistance and Instruction Center for Foreigner
Immigration Bureau
Permission to Engage in an Activity Beyond the Scope of a Visa
Employment Eligibility Certificate
Staying and Working Illegally
Employment for Foreign Students after Graduation
Finalizing Labor Contracts
Labor Insurance System
Labor Consultations
Preparing for Emergencies and Disasters
Procedures for Changes of Address and Taxes
Insurance, Health Maintenance and Welfare
Employment and Status of Residence
Childbirth, Child-Raising and Education
Useful Information

Labor Insurance System

Inquiries: Labor Standards Inspection Office for Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance
Public Employment Security Office for Employment Insurance

 In Japan, there are two types of programs that insure laborers: Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance and Employment Insurance.
 Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance offers medical treatment compensation, work-absence related loss, disability compensation, or bereaved family compensation if a worker of a company or business location is injured or dies during work or on the commute to/from work.
 Employment Insurance offers unemployed workers benefits for a designated period of time until he/she obtains another job. Foreign residents who live in Japan are considered members regardless of nationality, excluding foreign civil servants and those who are proved to be a recipient of unemployment compensation benefits of a foreign country.
 Employers must pay the insurance premiums for the Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance plan. The insurance premiums for Employment Insurance are to be paid by the employer and the worker.

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