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Local City Administration

■Shinjuku City Assembly

Inquiries Investigation and Maintenance Section,
Secretariat to the City Assembly

 The City Assembly is an institution that determines the important matters concerning the everyday lives of city residents. Shinjuku City Assembly meetings include scheduled meetings held four times a year and extra meetings as necessary. In addition, committees are established to investigate topics that are discussed at the meetings in a more specialized and efficient manner.

■ Public Hearings
 City Assembly meetings and committee meetings are open to the public. Please apply for reservations with the Secretariat to the City Assembly, Shinjuku City Office 5F.

■ Requests and Reports
 Those who have something they would like to request or report to the city administration may do so. A letter of introduction from a City Assembly member is required.

■City Administration Information Center

Inquiries City Administration Information Center

 The City Administration Information Center collects and stores about 3,000 government reference materials, such as publications of the city, metropolitan, and national governments. The center offers reading space and rental services and also sells city publications. In addition, consultation services are available for all residents. The center also has computers that can be used to search for information.
Location: Shinjuku City Office Main Bldg. 1F
Hours: Mon. through Fri., (except on national holidays and during the year-end/New Year holidays), 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Foreign Resident Advisory Corner is available from 9:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.)
Materials: Publications of the city, metropolitan, and national governments; general-interest books; gazettes; metropolitan public relations materials; newspapers; magazines; and public relations videos.

Photocopying service is also available (fees charged).

■Requests and Opinions for the City Administration

Inquiries Public Hearings Division
Tel: 03-5273-4065

Writing Postcards and Letters to the Mayor
 “Postcards to the Mayor” and letters expressing requests and opinions are accepted by the City Office.
 “Postcards to the Mayor” are available at municipal facilities such as Branch Offices.
 Requests and opinions are also accepted via Internet. Please access the Shinjuku City website.

City Administration Monitors
 Every year, 50 monitors are recruited from the general public. The requests and opinions generated from this program are reflected in the administration of the city. The term of duty is one year.

City Administration Monitors Survey
 One thousand persons are randomly selected and asked to complete questionnaires in surveys conducted four times a year. The results of these surveys are reflected in the administration of the city. The term of duty is one year.

Roundtable Talk with the Mayor
 A session called “Let’s Talk with the Mayor about Shinjuku” is conducted 10 times a year at Chiiki Centers and other locations. When the dates and times are determined, they will be announced in Koho Shinjuku (Shinjuku bulletin) and on the Shinjuku City website.

■Public Comment

Inquiries Public Hearings Division
Tel: 03-5273-4065

 Public Comment is a system in which proposals for policies that would greatly influence the everyday lives of city residents are announced before any decisions are made, and consideration to public opinion is given in the city’s decision making. When a decision is made, the opinions received and the thoughts of the city administration concerning said opinions are publicly announced.
 The implementation of public comment programs is announced in Koho Shinjuku (Shinjuku bulletin) and the Shinjuku City website.

■City Resident Opinion Survey

Inquiries: Public Hearing Division
Tel: 03-5273-4065

 Shinjuku City conducts an annual survey of 2,500 persons—with the respondents selected at random from among residents 18 years of age or older—to understand the ideas, wishes and thoughts of residents on important issues. The responses serve as the basis for city administration operations. The survey results are announced on the foreign-language website, and a summary written in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) is available for reading at the public library.

■Shinjuku City Committee for Accepting Residents’ Opinions

Inquiries: Shinjuku City Committee for Accepting Residents’ Opinions
Tel: 03-5273-3508
Fax:03- 3209-1227

 The committee is a fair and neutral third-party institution that handles complaints from city residents concerning city administration.

○ Who Can File a Complaint
 Individuals, corporations and other entities who are concerned about the services provided by city institutions or the behavior of city workers involved in such services

○ Filing Procedures
 Complete a Complaint Form with the necessary information and submit it to the Committee for Accepting Residents’ Opinions (Shinjuku City Office Annex 1, 2F).

Note: Complaint Forms can be downloaded from the Shinjuku City website.

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on regular business days
(Closed from 12 noon to 1 p.m.)

■Public Information Disclosure System

Inquiries Public Information Subsection,
Public Relations Section, Public Relations Division

 Relations Section, Public Relations Division The Public Information Disclosure System is a system that guarantees the right of all city residents to read public documents belonging to the city and to have access to a copy of such.
 Please note that some public documents may not be made available to the public in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

● Who Can Make a Request:
Anyone can make a request.

● Information That Can Be Requested:
 Documents, graphs and magnetic recordings that were officially created or acquired by the staff during the implementation period and which can be officially used by staff in the applicable implementation period.

● Where to Make the Request (at Division Desks)
  Please submit the designated request form at the specific division desk.


■Individual Information Protection System

Inquiries: Public Information Subsection, Public Relations Section, Public Relations Division

 The purpose of the Individual Information Protection System is to properly maintain individual information kept by the city in order to protect the privacy of individuals, while at the same time guaranteeing the right to request viewing or revising personal information. Through the registration list for the individual information system, you can see what kind of individual information the city collects and uses.
 In addition, since some individual information may not be made available to the individual himself/herself, such as personal evaluations and examinations, please call for more information.

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