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Childbirth, Child-Raising and Education

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Childbirth, Child-Raising and Education
Useful Information

Child-Raising Support

Many people raising children and living away from their home country experience worry and anxiety due to cultural differences and these worries can be magnified when it comes to childbirth or child-raising in a foreign country. Shinjuku City conducts various services in support of childbirth and child-raising. Registering your pregnancy is the first step for receiving such services, so please register your pregnancy as soon as possible.
Basic education in Japan includes six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years of high school and four years of college. Of these, elementary and junior high school education are compulsory. Although foreign residents are not obliged to go to school, parents may enroll or transfer their children into a municipal elementary or junior high school in Shinjuku City.


Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Child-Raising

■Issuance of the Mother and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Kenko Techo)

Inquiries: Ushigome Public Health Center
Tel: 03-3260-6231

Yotsuya Public Health Center
Tel: 03-3351-5161

Higashi-Shinjuku Public Health Center
Tel: 03-3200-1026

Ochiai Public Health Center
Tel: 03-3952-7161

Health Services Section,
Health Promotion Division

Tel: 03-5273-3047

If you become pregnant, please submit a notification to a Public Health Center, Health Services Section of Health Promotion Division, or a Branch Office at your earliest convenience.
The Mother and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Kenko Techo), which records the pregnancy and childbirth progress, the child’s development, health checkups, and immunizations, is issued to those who are pregnant.
A Mother and Child Health Bag, which contains a guidebook on pregnancy, childbirth, and child-raising, and a pregnant women’s health examination slip, is given to those who are registered as residents.
Those interviewed by specialized staff—such as a public health nurse—when submitting a notification will be sent pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing support gifts (worth about 10,000 yen) at a later date. If you submit your notification at a Branch Office, however, you must then come to a Public Health Center or the Health Services Section of the Health Promotion Division for the interview.
If you are an expectant mother, please call the Public Health Center or the Health Services Section of the Health Promotion Division, and bring the copy of your pregnancy notification (which you will receive if you submit your notification at a Branch Office) as a form of personal identification, as well as your Mother and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Kenko Techo).
If you moved into Shinjuku City during a pregnancy, you are also eligible for an interview with specialized staff and the support gifts.

○ Eligibility
Those who are pregnant (as a rule, for those who have completed resident registration in Shinjuku City)

○ Application Procedures
Please file a pregnancy registration form available at the City Office counter.

○ Filing Locations
Public Health Centers
Health Services Section, Health Promotion Division
Branch Offices


  1. Please call the center/section above for more information.
  2. There is a Mother and Child Health Handbook foreign-language version in Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, English, Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian. You can pick a copy up at the Health Promotion Division and Public Health Centers. The Korean, Chinese, and English versions are also available at our Branch Offices. If you want one, please say so at the service counter when you receive your Mother and Child Health Handbook.


■Mother’s/Parents’ Class


Public Health Centers

Classes are held for expectant mothers and fathers concerning pregnancy, childbirth, and child-raising.

■“Nice to Meet You” Baby Support Class

Inquiries: Public Health Centers

Midwives and public health nurses offer group work as well as consultation, advice, and information concerning child-raising for expectant mothers and nursing mothers.

■Birth Notification

Inquiries: Family Register Section, Family and Resident Registration Division

The mother or father should complete the designated birth notification procedures within 14 days of the birth, at either the city office of the place of birth or the parent’s present address.
Also, please be sure to complete the following procedures:

  • Application for visa status at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau within 30 days of the birth
  • Procedures designated by your home country (such as passport application)

Note: If you or your spouse is a special permanent resident and wishes to file a special permanent resident application for your child, you will need to come to the Resident Registration Section of the Family and Resident Registration Division. A valid birth certificate is required for this application.


■Home Visit Health Checkups for Babies


Public Health Centers

An instructor (such as a midwife or public health nurse) will visit the home of a family with a baby who is 4 Months of Age or younger. While the baby’s development (measurement of weight), health, and other conditions are being checked, the mother can consult the instructor concerning her (the mother’s) health and child-raising. In addition, the instructor can provide information on the child-raising support services of Shinjuku City, so please consult the instructor (free of charge). Please mail the Home Visit Health Checkups for Babies Request Form (Birth Reporting Form) attached to your Mother and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Kenko Techo).

■At-Home Childrearing Support Program (Post-partum Support)


Comprehensive Children’s Center

This program dispatches post-partum support helpers if you need help with housework and childrearing after childbirth.

● Eligibility
Shinjuku City residents who are raising a child under 1 year of age

● Period This Service Can Be Used
For a total of 30 hours until the day before the child’s first birthday (in the case of twins, a total of 45 hours)

● Fees
¥1,000 per hour (reduction/exemption programs are available according to the income of the parents)
Note: Each use is fsor three or four hours.

● Usage Procedures
Apply to the Comprehensive Children’s Center ( Tel:03-3232-0675). Advance procedures such as registration are not required.

■Weaning and Solids Class

Inquiries: Public Health Centers

This class is held for parents with children around 5–6 months of age. Information will be mailed to those who are eligible.

■Class on Preparing Meals for Babies

Inquiries: Public Health Centers

This class is for parents with infants 12–18 months of age.

■Dental Health Consultation

Inquiries: Public Health Centers

Consultations with dentists and dental hygienists are available for children who are 1 and 2 years of age.
Notifications are mailed individually to all eligible residents.

■Health Consultation for Infants and Toddlers

Inquiries: Public Health Centers

Public health nurses, nutritionists, and dental hygienists offer consultation concerning the physical and mental health, development, child-raising, nutrition, and teeth of infants and toddlers.

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